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Nanny for Newborns, Lisa Stipe

 Nanny for Newborns

...because babies don't come with instructions.

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Sure, your pediatrician is a good resource for medical questions. And your best friend can tell you what worked for her. But for tried-and-true answers from a baby care professional, call the Nanny for Newborns!

For over 20 years, the Nanny for Newborns has been nurturing newborns and educating parents. Lisa Stipe is a Newborn Care Specialist and Infant Sleep Trainer, offering highly skilled, modern-day answers to newborn challenges. A true baby nurturer, Lisa takes the guesswork out of caring for your new baby and teaches parents the importance of establishing a predictable routine for the baby early on so that both baby and parents have rhythm in their lives.

Her experience includes premature babies, multiples, and children of celebrities. She attended the University of Arkansas, and graduated from the National Academy of Nannies in Denver, Colorado. She appears in a promotional video for the Miracle Blanket, and her work has been recognized in a handful of newspaper articles as well as the book Little Dallas.

Lisa provides private, in-home consultations, teaching newborn baby care, as well as assessing colic and reflux. Lisa trains night nannies and also teaches her sleep-training techniques to other infant care specialists. She is an active member of the International Nanny Association.


  • Around the clock or nighttime newborn care:
    Daytime hours are focused on teaching parents basic baby care, soothing techniques, and how to read your babyís cries. During the night hours, the Nanny for Newborns lovingly manages the care of your baby while you sleep. This service leaves you feeling well rested and secure in your ability to care for your new baby.
  • Private Consulting: A cost-effective alternative to around-the-clock care, private consultations give you someone to turn to for quick answers. Perhaps your baby wakes up every two hours or has trouble falling asleep at all. Or maybe you need help figuring out how to calm your colicky newborn. Or maybe you just donít understand how to differentiate between your babyís cries. The Nanny for Newborns can assist you with many non-medical infant concerns that you may have.
  • Scheduling and Sleep Training: A 10-day program
    If you need help getting your baby onto a predictable daily routine; if you want rhythm in your life; or if your baby isnít sleeping all night long, then this service is for you!
  • Training Courses: Educating parents and caregivers
    If you are part of a parenting group or if you own an agency that places night nannies, or Newborn Care Specialists, Lisa offers various training courses.

International Nanny Association

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