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Clelie Bourne
The Temporary Nanny
The Solution to your
Child Care Puzzle
Kim Dillon
The Baby Keeper
Happy & Healthy Babies
Janinne Gardner
Child Care To Go
Here, There, Anywhere
You Need Child Care!

Martha Wetzel
Anywhere Nanny Care
A In step with the rhythm of
your family's life
  Linda Fisher, Short Term Nanny
Linda Clement
Short Term Nanny
Travel Nanny: Passport & ready to go!
Have a better trip!

Welcome to the World of Temporary Nannies!

The women of Nanny ASAP are "SOS Nannies, We Won't Leave You Stranded"

We at Nanny ASAP understand that there are times you need help quickly! Are you looking for your first nanny or a replacement nanny and finding it more difficult and time consuming than you thought? Perhaps your nanny is taking a vacation; you still need to work. Who watches your little ones? Maybe you want that great family trip AND couple time and you are thinking that taking a nanny along would allow you to do both. If you need a great nanny for a short while, Nanny ASAP can help.

Then there are those wonderful moments when you are bringing new life into the world and would like a great Newborn Care Specialist to help you during recovery from childbirth. If you are expecting twins or triplets, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and a Newborn Care Specialist that specializes in multiples and preemies is high on your list. Your search for that special nurturing Newborn Care Specialist can end at Nanny ASAP.

We are not a nanny agency. There is no placement fee for choosing any of the nannies on this page. We believe in agencies and work for them from time to time. We simply understand there are times when your need is temporary or you live in an area where there is no local agency.

We are nannies who met through our temporary jobs or while attending professional nanny conferences to further our skills. While each have areas of expertise, we all share in our desire to fill the temporary needs of families such as yours. We are all capable of caring for children from birth through the teenage years.

As a team, we can work together if your needs change and you realize you need a nanny longer than the contract specifies. If one of us has a commitment that makes extending the contract impossible, another team member can often step in to help. Because we share the same nurturing nature and we keep in close communication, we can make the transition go smoothly.

It is our desire to assist parents in their search for the perfect Newborn Care Specialist or temporary nanny. Here at Nanny ASAP you will find brief bios for each of us. By clicking on links to our independent websites, you can learn more about us as individuals and how to contact us. We welcome your comments on our site.

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